Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yellow-Eyed Beans

 Aren't these beans so pretty? It looks almost as if their little eyes were painted on them individually with a tiny paint brush. I picked them up at a co-op recently as I've seen black-eyed peas before, but I had never seen yellow-eyed ones, and I figured I had to try them.

Being able to try unique types of beans is just one reason why I cook with dried beans over canned beans. For more reasons why I prefer dried over canned and how to properly cook dried beans, see a previous post on beans here.


  1. How did they turn out? Today i got some of these beans to use as seeds in a garden at a seed exchange. I was searching the internet to find out what kind of beans they are and whether there are any traditional recipes for them. Thanks for posting their name and picture. There was no name on them at the seed exchange, just a big bottle of these pretty beans!

  2. That seed exchange sounds so neat! These beans are definitely some of the prettiest beans I've seen. I made them in a simple brown rice and bean dish with some cooked onions, spices, and some sauteed kale, but I'm sure you can use them in lots of recipes. Thanks for commenting!