Monday, July 22, 2013

Snapshots of Life Lately...

It's been really quiet on the blog lately. I know that. And I've missed being here so much. But I'm back now, I promise. I was on a bit of a break from technology. I needed to spend time with people I love, explore my surroundings, soak up the sun, and enjoy summer's bounty. Here are some snapshots of my life lately. And I can't wait to share more soon. Much love to you all.  

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  1. You've been leading a very colorful life from the looks of these photos. Absolutely lovely. We need to get back to knitting soon... That seems so autumn- or winter-like though.

    1. Marcia! Yes! I've been thinking about you so much lately...we need to catch up over some tea. I've really missed our knitting sessions. And I've been dying to hear about your trip!

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