Friday, January 3, 2014

Cauliflower and Kale Pasta

I've been really into simple meals lately. Meals that come together really quickly, but still cover all my nutritional bases. My favorites are those meals that dirty very few meals, I like to call them. Maybe I'm subconsciously preparing myself for when I have a baby on my hip and I need to make quick, easy, healthy meals? I don't know. So I've decided that for the next few weeks, I'm going to showcase some simple, one-pot meals that can be made in a jiffy, whether you have a baby on your hip or not.

This was a dish that I whipped up before the holidays that somehow I forgot to share with you. It uses cauliflower, which is one of my favorite wintertime vegetables, and one that I believe is seriously underrated. I mean, the possibilities are endless with this cruciferous superfood!

I know it's a short post today. Please forgive me, because I feel like I'm still recovering from a whirlwind holiday season and currently have a pretty nasty cold, but that's a different story for a different day. What matters is that I'm here and ready to start what I know will be my most exciting year on this earth so far. And I can't wait for you to join me along the way.

Click Here for Recipe: Cauliflower and Kale Pasta

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