Friday, May 2, 2014

Cleansing Spring Salad

Yesterday, it was a beautiful 84 degrees in Seattle. The sun was shining. The air smelled of lilacs and apple blossoms. And I was so incredibly happy. As I walked (okay, waddled) around my neighborhood, I started thinking about how soon I'll be sharing this beauty with my daughter (I just got goosebumps typing that word). How I can't wait to pick lilacs with her and watch her take in their scent for the very first time. Or how she'll grow up with the view of the Olympic mountain range right outside her door. Or how I'll be able to share my love of beautiful colorful food with her. I really can't wait.
This salad was one of those creations inspired by the colors of spring. You already know how much of a fan I am of color in my food, so this comes as no surprise. It's full of cleansing and alkalizing vegetables that our bodies crave during this change of season. Detoxifying golden beets, cooling cucumbers, and chlorophyll-rich pea greens are all combined in a light Asian-inspired dressing that's good on everything. I was even able to find some gorgeous purple amaranth microgreens for garnish! Aren't they just incredible? So do your body some good today and eat some fresh and colorful food. And then go for a walk and pick some flowers. I promise, you'll feel good. Really good.

Click Here for Cleansing Spring Salad Recipe

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